Why Every Company Needs A Journalist In Their Toolkit

“A good news story is worth its weight in gold” is a piece of advice from a past editor that still sticks with me today.

He was not discussing how a company can wrangle a biased article plugging their wares thanks to the sharp work of an eager PR.  But instead, emphasising the importance of a well-written news article.

I can forgive you for dismissing how news articles can help your business. But I promise you it’s true. Every business these days needs a PR, even small businesses are realising just how important PR is for getting ahead of the game. With PRs beginning to be a dime a dozen and now vastly outnumbering journalists by a ratio of four to one, journalists are becoming a rarity. And with rarity comes value.

Good quality, accurate articles added to your website can not only boost your SEO and ranking in Google but they add worth, show you’re up-to-date and are often a way to gain customer trust.

There are a few ways to add news to your site but one that is always guaranteed to make your site stand out is a bespoke news article. Tailoring industry news and even topical headlines to suit your company, your consumer and your industry are ideal ways to build your brand and bring in new traffic. Any business can do it, be it a property company, a restaurant, a dress shop or a car company. If it’s relevant you can use it.

Acting as a shop window, news articles are the Open sign flashing above the door that draws your consumers in. They are the flyer you hand out on the street to say who you are and drum up business. They’re the best way to bring in new consumers, broaden your reach from Google and show you’re passionate about your industry, your business and what you do.

With SEO and social media dominating business and marketing attention, news articles and their umbrella term ‘content marketing’ are still somewhat struggling to be heard. However as many businesses, big and small, master the skills involved in gaining Facebook fans and Twitter followers there is still a large gap to be bridged with content.

Expert content on your website is worth its weight in gold. In the way that the world and his wife have now realised the value of active social media, it’s time to focus on content and push forward. Seek out writers, seek out journalists, seek out PRs, seek out those with a way with words to give your website an edge above the rest.

Don’t get left behind. Don’t be old news.

Niamh Spence

Miss Market specialises in providing bespoke content and news for a number of clients. For more info www.miss-market.co.uk

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