What is content marketing and why is it important?

There’s a buzzword that you may have been hearing a lot recently – content marketing. But what is it, and why should you invest time and budget in it?

In this blog post, Martin Harrison of Copify explains what it is, why it is becoming increasingly important, and what you can do to ensure that you don’t get left behind.

What is content marketing?

It’s actually a very simple concept – content marketing involves producing content that will be of use and value to your customers, and is likely to be viewed and shared by them. This content can be anything from web pages to videos and is usually without any direct or obvious commercial intent.

Why is content marketing so important?

There are several benefits to engaging in content marketing activity, the following are just some of them:

Lead generation – Research has showed that content marketing is one of the most effective forms of lead generation, and with consumers becoming tired of traditional marketing efforts such as telesales and direct mail, it is something that you cannot afford to ignore.

Google traffic – If your business relies on organic traffic from Google, you may have been noticing that this traffic is becoming harder and harder to come by. Google now places an increased emphasis on natural links which are acquired by regularly producing quality content. Engaging in content marketing activity is, therefore, likely to help you to drive highly targeted traffic to your site.

Futureproof investment – Good content marketing will cost money. A professionally-produced video, for example, can cost upwards of £5000. However, if promoted correctly, this will pay dividends and provide a lasting return on your investment.

How can I get started?

If you’re an SME on a limited budget, ask members of your team to take the initiative and come up with ideas for clever and unique content that will help your business. This could, for example, lead to each team member writing a monthly blog post about their day to day activity.

One very easy way to produce content that will engage your target audience is to show them how to solve a problem that they may have encountered. For example, I wrote a blog post on how to do a comprehensive keyword audit on your site which was very well received by the internet marketing community.

About the author

Martin Harrison is the co-founder of Copify, an online content marketing service which enables clients to order content from a network of pre-approved copywriters.

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