TWITTER HOURS: North West Twitter Hours Directory + Tips for Twitter Hours

Twitter Hours have become the marmite of the twitter world

Some love them. Some hate them. But Twitter Hours are hard to avoid if you regularly use twitter

For us the best twitter hour is not geographical, but #bloghour which takes place on Tuesday Nights between 9-10pm. It works because it’s about sharing best practice and tips for bloggers across the UK  rather than selling / marketing and also because there’s a structure of questions throughout the hour that add to the experience. Even as an experienced blogger since 1999, I feel that the one hour spent each week is well spent and I always pick up at least one great tip throuughout the hour

Below we’ve listed a few of the key twitter hours in Greater Manchester and Cheshire and followed it with some tips

If you have your own Northwest Twitter Hours to add please email

8-9pm – #cheshirehour
8-9pm – #stockporthour

8-9pm – #chesterhour

8=9pm – #NorthWestHour

8-9pm – #manchesterhour
8=9pm – #warringtonhour

9-10pm – #NorthWestHour
* Remember Twitter Hours are more intense that everyday twitter – your message needs to stand out even more
* Include your website in tweets during the Twitter Hours so people have a point of reference to check out more info
* Be specific in your requests of who you’d like to connect with
* Remember – it’s for finding service / product suppliers as well as marketing your own business
* Ask questions, Engage with others and follow up with those after the Twitter hour ends
* Monitor the time spent on twitter hours – if you do one nightly it’s 5 hours per week – look at the ROI for time spent
* Spam Twitter Hours outside your own geographical area – nothing worse than seeing spam tweets for every single twitter hour from the same business
* Feel the need to Retweet everybody – think of your existing followers timelines
* Solely rely on Twitter Hours to get the word out there – a strong core message, authenticity and true engagement daily is the real key to social media success
Let us know what you think of twitter hours and share your own tips below

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