Take control of your SEO – An Introduction to doing SEO yourself

To many marketers SEO is a bit scary. In the back of your mind you know it’s something you need to be doing but you stick your head in the sand thinking it’s something you haven’t got time for.

I know because this was me less than 6 months ago!

I had always used external companies to look after my SEO with varying levels of success.

SEO isn’t really something you can just pass to someone else outside of your company. To get the best results you’ll always need to be involved. It’s changing all the time and increasingly it is becoming more like traditional PR with a focus on good content.

So with this in mind what are my top tips to fitting SEO into your marketing routine?

1. Take control of your website
As a very first step you need to be able to get into and edit your website easily. If you’ve not done so already get your website put into a Content Management System such as WordPress. Yes this does entail an initial investment but it is very worthwhile. I went from having to ask IT to make changes to being able to make changes via my iPhone in under a minute.
The key to good SEO is good regularly updated content so you’re going to need to be able to easily edit your site to make any progress.

2. Get some help
I know I’m preaching doing it yourself here but there’s no denying that a little help and guidance helps. SEO is changing all the time so it’s good to have a guru on hand who will tell you where your at and what needs doing. This really helps me to focus on the immediate tasks in hand without panicking. Find a professional who is happy to work openly with you in this way teaching you new skills. This is a very cost effective method and shouldn’t cost any more than £150 a month.

3. Optimise
Get familiar with the back end of your website and get optimising those pages! When looking at the design side of your website you should be able to view each page. Aim to have at least 350 words per page and think about what keyword you’d like to focus on for each page. Make use of images and links and add titles and descriptions to the page wherever they are asked for.

4. Get blogging
The easiest way to show Google that you have a good site is by adding regular quality content to the site at least once a week and more if possible. When I first started I wondered what I’d blog about and where I’d find the time. But it gets easier. I try to do blogs in the first hour of the day once of twice a week before I get bogged down with other tasks. Write about what the business is up to, events your attending, new product developments. Go back to basics do FAQs and informative pieces about your products that users may find useful.

5. Get social
Look at which social media tools are best for you, enter profiles or pages and look to update them as much as possible. For example, you should be posting on Twitter several times a day. But there’s lots of tools out there to make it manageable such as Twoofer.

Your work with SEO is never done, it’s a continual task that is always changing. I’m still learning and I’ve still got loads to do but its working. Visits to Totalpost’s website were up 22% last month.

Kate Simpson heads up communications at Totalpost Services Plc, a mailroom equipment, consumables and services specialist based in Cumbria and Warrington.

For more info on Totalpost look at  www.totalpost.com

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  1. Andy Kinsey – RedStar
    5 August, 2013 at 10:32 am

    I just wanted to pop by and congratulate Kate on the superb work she is doing at TotalPost. With RedStar direction and Kate’s drive, together we’ve achieved superb results already –

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