Special Days Aren’t Just Weddings – The Importance Of Getting Things Right Every Day In Business

After running The Bridal Consultant for nearly 10 years and with 900 weddings planned I’d hope we know a thing or two about pleasing our customers. Our reputation relies on careful planning, absolute attention to detail and consistent standards of excellent customer service.

As a growing company we’re consistently looking for new exciting destinations however finding trusted suppliers can be hard, especially when our partners are based abroad! The wedding market is saturated and weddings abroad are an easy target especially when anyone with a little skill can set up a good looking website and profess to be an expert in their field.

It was in 2008 when the recession really started to bite that we noticed a lot of new competition. We decided at this point to change our strategy, we couldn’t compete on price and neither did we want too, after all we work tirelessly hard for our couples, we charge very fairly for the effort and planning that goes into each and every wedding. On our business journey we’ve witnesses many companies folding because they compete purely on price which is not strategy that works in the long term. We decided instead we were going to set ourselves apart from the rest and grow our reputation as experts in our field, which after all we are.

Our focus is on quality and not quantity and I’m delighted to say we can choose which weddings we plan which is a great position to be in and gives us great job satisfaction.

There is no secret to our success, we aim high, we surround ourselves with quality suppliers and partners and our number one aim is always to please our couples.

These are the morals we work by to keep our business ahead of the competition

1. Be honest, always have high levels of integrity, our clients satisfaction is our number one priority, and the results speak for themselves.

2. We aim high, always looking for ways to improve what we do and our clients planning experience. We constantly ask for feedback and then act on it, feedback is precious it allows you to improve, don’t ignore it!

3. Don’t settle for second best, if a supplier lets you down then look elsewhere, there is always someone out there wanting to go that extra mile for you.

4. Always be on your toes, be on top of current trends in your industry, and be ready to get involved, when social media boomed I got as much literature as I could to learn everything I needed to know. We now get daily enquiries from Twitter and Facebook. Ignore them at your peril.

5. Keep a careful eye on your competitors, you can be sure they are keeping a very close eye on you!

6. Don’t compete purely on price, instead offer superior service, quality and then shout about it!

7. Keep your ideas fresh, I’m a big believer in ‘don’t change something if it’s working’ but that’s no excuse for being lazy and too comfortable in your success, tastes change and you should make sure you’re one step ahead of the game, if you want to continue to be successful.

8. Be a leader not a follower – the reason we believe we are so successful is because we and our partners are always looking for new ideas/new venues/new inspiration to offer to our couples.

9. Remember you’re only as successful as the people you surround yourself with!

10. Bring passion to your work every day, it will really come across to your clients.

If you’re working so hard that you seem to have lost your passion then ‘take a break’

It can just be a brisk walk or five minutes away from the phone and computers with a coffee, I learnt a few years ago that working every hour of every day really doesn’t work, your work will suffer, you’ll become disheartened and why then would anyone want to work with you.

If you find it hard to take time for yourself then just like scheduling a meeting, schedule a ‘timeout’ for yourself. Try it for one week and see what difference it makes to your business, it’s truly amazing! No matter how much you love your work, how can you be passionate about it if you’re a slave to it!

For more info on the Bridal Consultants check out http://www.thebridalconsultants.com


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