Self Service Checkout

Do you know what the worst thing about going to supermarkets is?

Self service checkouts

Supermarkets don’t even want to talk to you anymore – they literally want you in and out as fast as possible without so much as a hello or good day. Occassionally they will bark orders and all they really they want to do is swipe your card! ( I mean even when something goes wrong on them the staff don’t even talk – they’re so automated, they just swipe a card)

This is what I see with most companies social media accounts

In Out Bark Orders No Pleasantries – all you want me to do us swipe a card!

Think about going to a good independent shop. In fact if you’re older than me (35) think about going into any shop

Hellos, pleasantries, they’ll inform you about the goods they serve in great detail, they’ll do so with passion, they’ll keep in touch even though you may visit just once a month / year – they will take the time to care about what you say!

That’s everything that a company that truly understands social media does online

Sadly for every 10 great social businesses I could name 100 that act like the self service checkout.

Thankfully the latter won’t be around much longer!

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About the Author

Alex McCann

Alex McCann runs Altrincham HQ - a Social Media Marketing company with 100+ recommendations on Linkedin and ranked Number 1 for Social Media Marketing in the UK on Freeindex


  1. Adele Dean
    17 January, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    Some of these companies offering social media services are a complete waste of space. Most of them are living in the past and havnt really a clue. Iv spent 3 years from home studying marketing, SMM, branding, brand awareness, website traffic generation, etc and growth hacking. I’m about to implement all my knowledge this year and make my company national. We’ve been on a long journey with long term plans and not just a quick fix it. We are about to start putting everything into place in revamping our website ourselves i.e creating more and better quality content and doing all the marketing ourselves and will be creating some fantastic content for our new business blog coming soon as well as my personal blog. I have been following a gentlemen called Neil Patel at QuickSprout and KissMetrics in America for nearly 3 years and I suggest to anyone when you think you know it all I suggest having a good read about what he does then you will realise that what you think you know wasnt enough until you properly see this guy in action in all that he does and teaches. That is my tip for the day ha 🙂 Wish you well and like the article. All the best with what you do!

    • Alex McCann
      17 January, 2014 at 10:43 pm

      Great comments Adele

      I agree with you that many social media companies are a waste of space that 1. Don’t have any experience in running their own business before setting themselves up as Social Media experts and 2. Simply use Mashable and Social Media examiner as their only reference points

      I was fortunate enough to be a journalist previously and used online marketing to drive over half a million readers to my most read blog, then I set up an events company powered by social media and now work with small business social media presence

      The vast majority of the businesses I work with do no other form of marketing (offline or online) than social media and we can track the ROI for them which is fantastic.

      Content production is something small businesses do struggle with, as so often it’s working within a tight budget for many clients

      I’d really like to see how your business grows so do come back in a few months time and keep us updated

  2. Sally Cooper
    20 January, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    Just want to say that I come across a goodly number of kind and helpful people at supermarket checkouts these days. Sadly, they seem to be in South Lakeland where Booths is (dare I say ?) the “John Lewis” in the game and others are working hard to keep up ? Will bringing Booths to Hale Barns bring about a similar change locally ? But “indies” will always be better because they “provide service” / don’t just “serve” ?

  3. Johnd874
    18 May, 2014 at 11:26 am

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  4. Zeven Media
    9 June, 2014 at 9:32 am

    Social media should be a tool for having CONVERSATIONS, not for blurting out marketing messages and advertising.

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