How to Promote Your Business In Sale aka #SaleTown

Over the years we’ve worked with a number of businesses from Sale and every time the same problem comes up

The name Sale is an absolute bugger when businesses are trying to get noticed on google or indeed on Twitter

For all those businesses trying to get noticed we’ve come up with 4 handy tips to make it easier to be visible

1. Use the hashtag #saletown
A number of years ago we were having a Twitter discussion with a small business in Sale about the difference in activity on Twitter between the local towns such as Altrincham, Sale and Urmston

It was Brad from Cartridge World who has units in both Altrincham and Sale who suggested that local businesses should use the hashtag #saletown to stand out as a business from Sale rather than a business having a sale

And since then – it’s stuck – #saletown is the default hashtag to use when wanting to promote your business and for people searching what is going on in Sale

So use it – tell your friends, family and customers to use it and it will soon be as active as other local town hashtags

A Sale Resident
2. Engage with @asaleresident on Twitter
Just as ourselves at @altrinchamhq started out many years ago on Twitter to promote all things #altrincham – @ASaleResident have done the same to promote all things #saletown

They’re really worth engaging with and sharing their local updates as well as tagging them in your updates to get the word out there to around 3000 local people in the area

The updates tend to be more the consumer facing businesses as well as local education / council / resident news – but that doesn’t mean that the B2B businesses can’t join in

Sale Business Group - Cafe Bianco
3. Attend Sale Biz Group

Whether you’re an established business or a new start-up business there’s a lot to be said for combining your Twitter activity with face 2 face networking

Sale Biz Group meet for monthly business networking meetings at Cafe Bianco (opposite Tesco’s) on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 4pm

At each meeting you get the opportunity to talk about your business to a room of 20+ local businesses as well as have 3 10 minute 121 meetings with businesses of your choice

It really is powerful having 20 well connected local businesses knowing more about your business
4. Display the Poster Below In Your Windows to promote the town

We made up similar posters for Altrincham which were displayed by over 50 businesses in a couple of days

So here’s the #saletown version to help local Sale businesses promote the area – print out and if you need hi-res versions for A3 – just email

We Love SaleTown

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