There has always been suspicion about a method of moving goods or services, that is different from the traditional business models. Network marketing is still looked on with suspicion by many people.

Now most network marketing companies operate on line systems where the customer buys direct after signing up with the company. The system is clean and simple. Money does not change hands and orders are delivered direct to the customer.

Network marketing or multi level marketing, is different as customers are approached or found by personal contact. Companies do not pay for advertising and rely on consultants to spread the word of the company and their products. The goods or services are usually of a superior quality to those brands which are sold through traditional retail outlets, as the company’s overheads are lower. Companies can be affiliated to the Direct Selling Association, who operate a rigorous code of conduct

Consider the next time you are queuing in a shop with an item for purchase and ask how did the product get to me? Traditional retail goes through the following processes: production, warehousing, distribution, store warehousing, advertising and or marketing and finally retail outlet. In the retail outlet, consider utilities including premises rates and rent, staff salaries/wages, store fit out. Network marketing operates from manufacturer direct to end user, who has their own log on details on the company’s site under the consultant who introduced the customer. All of these processes have a cost attached to them. Who do you think pays?

I have heard network marketing being described as pyramid selling, which IT IS NOT. Pyramid selling is illegal and works on money changing hands, not tangible products. In network marketing, an consultant or agent builds their own business and dictate their own earnings.

My own journey started when I wanted a residual income to supplement my pension. After looking at various business models, I wanted a product I could identify with, is consumable and wanted to use on a daily basis.

I joined Arbonne in 2011. I had previously used products, such as shampoo, body wash etc, and realised I could buy a superior product from Arbonne at similar costs. After major surgery, I used a skin conditioning oil. The product helped to reduce unsightly scarring. My upline wanted to meet and after talking about personal development, I was convinced that Arbonne was the company where I wanted to grow my network marketing business. I now regularly use the mens anti ageing products, the fit essentials range, the sun range and a number of other products. It is pure, safe and beneficial and Arbonne have products to help most people. The company offer weekly conference calls, monthly opportunity meeting throughout the UK, Area, Regional and Nation training.

Not only am I using a fabulous product which is beneficial to my skin, I also meet like minded positive people who want to help others and make a difference to the world.

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