Me And My Mates – An Interview with Dominic Kent

The Me and my Mates Business Directory idea came about (a eureka moment as they say) while helping a very nice lady who had relocated to Sale from London and didn’t know any local people. She asked for advice on a few things in her house and Dominic Kent passed onto her almost 20 business contacts (mostly mates) from his phone.

That was the start of and Dominic hasn’t looked back

As they prepare to launch in their 3rd town we caught up with Dom to see what it’s all about

Me And My Mates Dominic Kent
1. The idea that started Me And My was basically one of those random conversations that happened at a party and then turned into reality. Do you want to tell our readers how it all began?

Yes , it was about 3 years ago when I did a job for a lady, I’m a self-employed builder in Sale.
She’d moved up from London and didn’t know anyone. After finishing the job we were chatting about stuff and I ended up giving her loads of contacts from my phone.
A few weeks later she gave me a letter for recommendation thanking ‘ me and my mates ‘ for all we did.
That was the point where I thought how about taking what I do every day to the next level
Asking my brother his advice, he made it clear it was a nonstarter. Being stubborn I thought different!!
I rang 30 mates with the idea, all thinking it was a plan.
From that the idea was in full flow and within days I had a meeting set with a mate Jenny for the logo , another mate for website plans and the ball was in motion…
Me and my mates literally did start from just that
2. I think it’s worth noting as well – you’re a builder, not a web geek. How did you get your head around having to be a web geek every so often?
Web geek I’m far from and I really had no concept of what I has started, but hey that ball is rolling fast as mates are now talking !

It has been hard but interesting to learn new skills . Headers , footers , navigation bar , you know. It’s different from getting your hands dirty …

Me and My Mates Car
3. So how long was it between someone saying you couldn’t do it … and then doing it? Was there any time you felt actually they might be right
I’d say about a year since my brother said nah that’s a daft idea and the finished product going live on my 43rd birthday . Yea I had many a low point but just to prove him wrong.
4. The basic concept is as it says on the tin – Me and My Mates – it’s important you know everyone is trusted on the directory isn’t it?
Very much so … I know lots of people anyway and the ones on the website that I didn’t know that came recommended from others I now can call mates.
5. The concept of business directories have got a bad rep because of anyone being allowed on them if they fill in a form. Did this make the launch harder for you? Did you have to explain this isn’t just another business directory?
Oh yea anyone can fill an online form and say they are great but I know these people – that’s the difference.
It was fairly easy to convince mates from my passion for this to work all over Sale with a launch of loads of car / van stickers.

The taxis work very well too – every week someone says I saw your taxi’s out there.

Me And My Mates Taxi

6. So you get lots of local Sale businesses signing up and then you launch and you launch big. You are literally EVERYWHERE in Sale, it’s hard to avoid the name. Was it always the plan to be bigger, better, everywhere?
Definitely big, I had times when all I could do was focus on something and I wasn’t sure about its scale, I couldn’t stop now and very pleased I didn’t.
I’ll never stop pushing meandmymates as its now a big part of my life.
7. We first heard of you via Social Media. What part does that play?
Well let me say it’s a bigger part than I could have ever dreamed about. I had no real reason to have a Twitter or Facebook account as a builder. I was established, work always came in. But how wrong was I? Now having been to your seminar’s about the impact it has on your business, it’s essential.
8. Anything or anywhere else still to brand up?
Just measured up Jacks DIY shop and another set of shutters in Sale village. We’ve also recently finished the whole shop front at Minikin in Sale town centre.
It’s an online directory, but the offline marketing is so important. We brand up the places that people walk and drive past every day and it’s all about that awareness
9. It’s a low cost investment for businesses – what are the success stories from people who have signed up so far? Are there any types of businesses it’s more suited to?
It is low cost as it was tricky to get my head round taking money from my mates, but as its fully tax deductible that’s easy. A no brainier has been said so many times !

With lots of stories from many it’s hard to say if there is a particular trend of success , but definitely everyone loves the simplicity of it

Me And My Mates Advertising Board

10. Sale is dominating, Chorlton launched recently and Altrincham is about to launch. How has it been taking it from 1 to 3 towns?
Well let’s see if the mates from Altrincham and Chorlton can be as good as me? Time will tell with already lots of Twitter and facebook interest from both places.
It was tough to share my hard work but I’m sure it will go well for both.
Who knows where next ? Any entrepreneurs interested ?
11. As well as the directory there are the Me and My Mates socials as well. Are the nights out an integral part to me and my mates?
I love doing the social nights ! With every one they get bigger each time , also we try and raise money for a local charity too.
The Alex Hulme foundation is local to us and close to my heart.
Last year we had  Wayne Devlin the Trafford Sinatra ( brilliant) this summer Patelvis is booked !
12. What is your biggest business tip that helped you grow Me And My Mates?
Biggest tip …. I’d say don’t give up on the goal. Always do your best ! Remember I’m proving my little brother wrong too !
13. So if you had to choose – Full Time Builder or Full Time Me And Mates – what wins?
Easy …. Full time Digital Marketing and Advertising as I can drive my mini around in the sunshine ( it’s work honest )

I’ve had so much great feed back helping my mates .

For more information on Me And My Mates check out – follow on twitter @meandmymatescom

Interviewed by Alex McCann of Altrincham HQ – follow on twitter @altrinchamhq

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