Introduce your business and tell us what you’ve been up to recently?

LMH Marketing offers on-call marketing management services to small and medium sized businesses and organisations, specialising in leisure and tourism, travel and transport, charities, social enterprises and the voluntary sector. Projects in recent months include a book launch, a volunteer recruitment campaign and carrying out brand communication audits, testing the messages that companies are sending out into the world.

What makes you different from other similar businesses in the area?

I look to building long term relationships with clients based on dialogue, trust, integrity and understanding. Effective marketing is a long term, sustained management process not a quick fix. I provide enthusiastic marketing leadership and project management, leaving a legacy of sustained and sustainable growth for clients by working with them as part of their team.

What flexibility does being an independent business give you over a national chain / business?

My approach is flexible and modular to suit a particular business need. As an independent business I can provide bespoke marketing services when clients need it. With lower overheads I can provide great value for money, working within their budgets by identifying and focusing resource on their key priorities.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge for small businesses at the moment?

For small businesses, market places are getting busier as more people decide to go down the track of self-employment; customers are demanding value for money as well as wanting businesses to behave ethically; and media channels are becoming cluttered with every one expressing an opinion. It’s very difficult for any business to be heard over this entire clamour.

Looking back, which piece of advice would you give to somebody setting up their own business today?

Which is why it’s important from the start to be very clear about what business you are in, what is special about you and/or your business and where your market is. You need to find your niche and keep faith in it. Don’t try and spin too many plates yourself, there are lots of people willing to give you a hand to help you succeed.

What part does Social Media play in your business?

Social media has opened up cost-effective ways to reach new clients, learn about target industries and test out new ideas. It’s also a lot of fun and a fast an easy way to stay in touch with associates and clients. I would also make a plea for other more traditional marketing communications channels as well; social media is not right for everyone and everything.

Stockton Heath
And getting to know you and your town

Where do you eat / take out in Stockton Heath?
Our favourite place to eat out in Stockton Heath is an Indian restaurant, the Cardamon. It has an interesting menu, consistently tasty food, great service, value for money and does a great takeaway too!

Which is your favourite pub or bar to drink at in Stockton Heath?
One of the oldest pubs in Stockton Heath the Red Lion. It has been refurbished recently, giving it a new lease of life and a new food service.

Where is your essential must visit shop in Stockton Heath?
Has to be All That Jazz – something for every one at very reasonable prices – from household goods, home furnishings, toys, perfume etc;. Alternatively for lovely gifts, cards and old fashioned sweets – Donna Marie.

What’s been the most impressive new business you’ve seen open in Stockton Heath in the past 12 months?
Latest addition to Stockton Heath, the Wasabi – Teppanyaki – opened about a month ago – personally as a vegetarian I prefer the lighter, subtler flavours of Japanese inspired menu to Chinese and especially at lunch time, they have very good set menu options.

Which local towns do you feel Stockton Heath could learn from and why?
Stockton Heath has a healthy day and night economy and I know draws people in from the surrounding areas, maybe it could still learn a few lessons from the likes of Chorlton and Didsbury in terms of the mix of bars/pubs and some speciality shop with local produce.

In an ideal world what major improvement would you like to see happen in Stockton Heath?
Parking is a big issue in Stockton Heath and there’s no easy solution to balance the need for free/cheap parking to encourage people to visit and shop and the need for on street parking available for residents.

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  1. Lindsey
    13 July, 2013 at 11:38 am

    Great day to discover Stockton Heath today (13th July), Walking Day – churches, schools and community groups parading through the streets starts at 2pm

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