Lifting the lid on Logo Design & Branding

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when a company embarks upon a rebranding exercise?

As with other vital areas of business, proper consideration and thought should be given to ensure that the visual output is reflective of the corporate values and brand personality.

Logo design is an integral part of the branding process and something that is easy for businesses of all sizes to relate to. Done well, a logo can reinforce positive perceptions about a business and help to make it recognisably different and unique in the marketplace. Along with other branding elements – including style, imagery and tone of voice – a logo helps prospective customers make a decision as to whether a business matches their own personal values and is ultimately a business that they should engage with.

Don’t put the ‘cart before the horse’ – websites tend to lead marketing strategies these days, but it’s important to go through the branding process in full before thinking about a website – it’s amazing how many people don’t.

In isolation, there are certainly things that logos and other elements of the branding process will never do. They can’t compensate for poor customer experience or make customers return – this is down to the product, the people, the place…and the price. Visual branding simply projects this customer experience and hopes to reflect the value on offer and the ‘warm, fuzzy feeling’ that great businesses can deliver. This builds affinity and loyalty – something every long term business strives for.

With all this in mind, it is important that before anyone goes near an Apple Mac, the chosen creative partner is immersed in the brand and understands the value that a business brings to the marketplace.

Entrusting a creative partner to project your brand experience to the world is a big thing, so it is vitally important that they understand it inside out.
Try not to do things remotely, sit down and talk things through with your creative team and get them to visit your business. If you can involve some friendly customers who will give real insight to your brand, even better.

To ensure real distinction, careful consideration should be given to competitors. What is it you do well, that they don’t? Let this lead the process and the creative team can develop visuals using colours, fonts and graphics that help position and correctly project the brand. As far a logos go, simplicity, clarity and impact are essential. Think also about where the logo will be used, It maybe that you need variations to work on different digital and social media platforms.

Logo design and other elements of the branding process are just pieces of the business jigsaw, but getting these areas right will help you reach your potential

For more information on the branding process:

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