How I Lost 2 Stone In Just 7 Weeks?

I never thought I’d write a blog title more suited to a women’s gossip magazine full of d-list celebrities than a business magazine.

But over the past few days so many people have been asking me – how did you lose all this weight so quickly

Let me set the tone 1st of all because North West Business Life is ultimately a business publication and there is context to this article

My business is Altrincham HQ, a social media company based in South Manchester. Like many people who work in B2B I live a sedentary lifestyle – my work is literally based around computers and a phone and physical exertion really doesn’t happen. When I leave the office it’s often to networking events where either wine flows or biscuits get handed around freely. I also work with a lot of restaurants so foodie nights out are a regular occurrence

There are millions of people like myself that are tied to work, spend a lot of time in the office and who’s dedication to growing a business doesn’t really help weight loss

Here is how I did it and you can do the same

Before Weight loss - The Photo that made me take action

Before Weight loss – The Photo that made me take action


One of my greatest strengths in my business is being able to get geeky with stats and data to analyse what is working or not working with a businesses social media marketing.

I knew if I was to lose weight I had to use the same skillset for my weightloss, so I literally started from the outset with the idea – weightloss can be managed if I treat it like a business plan

I realised there were 2 sides to the weightloss – diet and exercise – and they both had to be dealt with in order to get results

After looking at my lifestyle I came to the conclusion that I had to change my diet in the region of 25% less calories and up my exercise in the region of 15%

It was the little things on my diet that added up massively over time – the Subway or Chip barms when travelling across the North West training, the Wednesday Club pizza, bread with evening meals, the friday night drinks, the biscuits at networking meetings. I literally wrote down a banned list of food and placed it in the kitchen on the front of the cupboard door I opened the most. Out went all the bad stuff – in came lots of veg – spinach, mushrooms, butternut squash pasta and lots of Quorn being vegetarian

Exercise I already did on a regular basic – 3 times a week at the gym was the norm, so I upped it 2 days on, 1 day off. Added some hi-intensity sections to my exercise bike routine and upped a 45 minute workout to 1 hour each time

It was this plan that was the foundation for success – and you can all do this easily. You make plans for your specialist field every day – do the same for your weight loss

My biggest change on daily habits was I always told myself I couldn’t possibly go to the gym after 5pm

It was one of those lies I’d told myself for years despite being a member of a 24 hour gym, so when I had a busy day which was increasingly becoming the case, if I didn’t fit in exercise in a break in the daytime, a workout didn’t happen

You’ve probably told yourself similar excuses over the years as a reason not to go to the gym

One of the rules I set was to go to the gym 2 days on 1 day off – and that had to happen regardless of my work schedule, regardless of the weather, regardless of the litany of excuses I would make. I knew if I said XXXX amount of times a week it would give me an excuse to put off to the next day and then it would never happen

The other major habit I changed was that nights out with friends started later. They didn’t have to start at 5pm as that meant missing the gym or eating out which usually meant one days worth of calories could be easily demolished in one meal alone

The latter actually was a change for the good on a social level as our group ended up bumping into people we often wouldn’t see at earlier times

Everyone who runs their own business or is at a senior level has an element of competiveness in their personality

3 of my friends also had the new years goal of losing weight as well – so being competitive I gamified it

Each Saturday we sent a facebook message to each other outlining that weeks weight loss

And it worked …. for myself at least. I was always the one who came out top on the weight loss each week out of the 4 of us

In business there’s always a new target to hit, a new goal to hit, a new client to win – and you have your network around you to help and support you

Weightloss can be a difficult lonely journey unless those around you are aiming for the same place

If you’re competitive getting other people on the same mission helps to keep you on track

Like most people nowadays I’m tied to my phone, so when someone suggested I use an app called My Fitness Pal to track my calorie intake it made perfect sense

My Fitness Pal basically is an easy to use app for setting goals and then tracking your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the day

It also puts down the calories used for exercise and can also track your steps (the latter though IMHO tends to over-inflate the steps taken)

What’s interesting on the app is how much the little things you never think about add up over the day – the cups of tea being particularly calorific when you have quite a few throughout the day

It’s when you can see it down on the screen when you think actually I won’t have those 3 biscuits as they’re the same amount of calories as a full meal later on

For those that like a social drink – it’s worth taking note of calories in alcohol on a night out particularly stronger lagers.

Research states that by writing your goals down you are more 42% more likely to achieve them. Telling a friend increases the chances to 78%

What better way to keep yourself motivated than by telling your facebook friends that you are on a weightloss mission

For every person that joked “gym w**ker” on my updates there were another 10-20 people that encouraged me with likes and comments to keep getting to the target weightloss

If you never state your intent it’s so easy to quietly give up – if everyone knows it’s much harder to do so

After Weight Loss - Photo Taken On The Day I lost 2 stone

After Weight Loss – Photo Taken On The Day I lost 2 stone

And that’s how I did it. A plan well executed with clear goals in mind

I’m not skinny – but happier

I hope that motivated you to make a change

I’m now practicing for a Charity Run for The Christie called Altrincham VS Cancer – if this blog has helped motivate you in even a small way – please donate to the Christie here

You can find our more how we work on businesses Social Media goals here at Altrincham HQ

Altrincham Vs Cancer 2016

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