Good Goals Benefit Your Business

Many people start with the best of intentions, devise a business plan, have clear, measurable goals when they first set up in business. Over time their energies may become distracted, diverted as their professional and personal focus changes and evolves. Life can get in the way and business motivation may suffer and become somewhat confused.

Let’s look at ways to ensure that you establish some good goals that will benefit your business:

– Please yourself! And why not? Yes, money, success, maybe having staff to pay are all important but if you’re not ‘feeling the love’ for what you’re doing every day will become an energy-sapping chore. It’s important to know that your motivation, your drive, and the enthusiasm to cope with setbacks, lost customers, missed contracts comes from doing something you believe in and are heartily committed to.

– Challenge yourself. If other areas of your life are stressful and demanding it may be important to your health and wellbeing that you maintain a more steady, routine approach to your business. But boredom, apathy and indifference can begin to creep in if everyday is the predictable same. Enjoy saying ‘yes’ at times to new ideas and ventures. You may need to delegate or contract out some of your more routine tasks as a consequence but variety can really spice up your interest in the business and enhance the quality of your life.

– Believe in yourself. Ensure that you support your self-belief with knowledge, training, backup. Feeling confident in the areas that you’re working in will make your goals feel more accessible. There may be areas where you need to hire expertise, even some aspects of your business which may be a mystery and that’s fine. Many sole traders and small businesses pay people to do their accounts, printing, advertising, social media but allowing experts to provide support frees the small business owner to maximise the time they spend working on and in their business.

– Keep up-to-date. Be receptive to new ideas, attend conferences, be active on social media, join discussions so that you’re aware of what’s happening in your sphere of business. Being up-to-date gives you the edge with potential new customers and clients. It also keeps you excited and fresh, gives you something new to engage in and understand, even if you choose not to incorporate those particular skills into your business model.

– Be flexible. The branches that survive the storm are the bendy ones, not the ones that are rigid and refuse to move. Yes, you may survive and make money routinely processing ‘punters’, doing the same thing year in and year out, but is that the reason why you went into business? Sometimes, if other areas of life are stressful and require our full attention going on cruise-control in our business may be a necessity. But enjoying the opportunity to add extra value to your business makes it more interesting and attractive both to you and your customers.

– Establish yourself as an expert. Write articles, use social media, network, do talks and presentations. By letting people know what you do by reading, seeing or hearing about it enables you to enhance your reputation, to become regarded as an knowledgeable figure in your field. Telling others what you do, giving away tips and advice, shouting out about your successes or new innovations informs others and promotes your business positively.

– Maintain a personal life. Family, friends and good relationships are the support system behind a good business. They enable you to establish good goals and so benefit your business. They provide the freedom for you to make it a success. Remember to respect and maintain those areas of your life. Dedicate the time, energy and affection in order to enjoy each other well.

– Maintain a private life. Having some ‘me time’ to pursue your own hobbies, interests, personal wishes is an important way to de-stress and retain your own identity. Booking an hour in your diary to go to the gym, have a walk in the park, sit in a cafe with a good book can provide an interlude of quiet, personal time for yourself. It’s important to have valuable space in your life for you on a regular basis!


Susan Leigh is a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist who works with stressed individuals to promote confidence and self belief, with couples experiencing relationship
difficulties to improve communications and understanding and with business clients to support the health and motivation levels of individuals and teams.

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