Evening Networking Events Rock Over Breakfast Ones Because….

Evening Networking Events Rock Over Breakfast Ones Because….

Let’s face it – nobody really wants to get up at 6am, drink bad coffee and eat a greasy breakfast whilst trying to prepare a 60 second pitch half asleep. I know, I have tried it and my incoherent babble about what I did was enough to make me realise that I needed to be on full steam when networking as first impressions count.

There’s nothing worse than dreading having to go to a networking event where you have to screw your smile and where your brain and mouth do not engage. I did some research and most young professionals felt that winding down at the end of the day with a cocktail and canapes whilst feeling slightly more spritely and positive is the way forward.

I personally find people are much more engaging with a glass of wine in their hands as the sociable aspect of business comes to the forefront and it feels more relaxed.. you are much more likely to develop relationships with business contacts in social situations.

The moral of this story… Coffee is out – Cocktails are in!

Marian run Business Introductions in Manchester and Leeds at venues such as Hard Rock Cafe, Abode, Gaucho and La Vina. For more info http://www.businessintroductions.co.uk

Breakfast, Lunch or Evening Networking Events – Let Us Know  in the comments below your preferred time to network and why

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