BUSINESS PROFILE: Ansar Mahmood – Pomegranate Consulting

Introduce your business and tell us what you’ve been up to recently?
I’m Ansar Mahmood the Director at Pomegranate Consulting.

We are award winning chartered accountants and business advisors based in Manchester. We work with a range of clients and specialise in the legal sector, professional sector, creative and digital media, leisure and video game design. Ansar Mahmood founded pomegranate in early 2013 and we have since grown rapidly and aggressively.

What makes you different from other similar businesses in the area?
We provide a completely bespoke service and are able to “hand hold” new inexperienced companies as well as handle complex work for bigger international clients. Every member of staff at Pomegranate is passionate about helping our clients grow and become elite participants in their field. The Pomegranate was used to symbolise close efficient relationships by the romans and that’s the ethos we practice at Pomegranate.

What flexibility does being an independent business give you over a national chain / business?
Quick and efficient decision making process along with quicker responses to customers.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge for small businesses at the moment?
Most businesses struggle with obtaining a healthy cash flow.

Looking back, which piece of advice would you give to somebody setting up their own business today?
The key is Planning, Plan for everything you possibly can.

Which are the best networking groups you regularly attend and why?
We are Acid members of BNI (Business network international) and we have found that it is a very effective method to gain clients and grow your network. We also attend local Manchester events such as The Business Network and Spicy Networking that allows us to mix with a variety of sectors and SME’s around Manchester.

What part does Social Media play in your business?
Social Media is key to our SEO and public Image.

@Pomegranatecons – We avidly use twitter to extent our reach to business and industry’s we might not already have contact with.

It also allows us to directly advise and address our audience on relevant and current matters that sparks interest from local businesses.

Pomegranate Consulting is also active on Linkedin, Google + and Facebook these serve a notice board for upcoming events and news about the firm.

And getting to know you

What is your biggest passion outside business?
I frequently attend SOHO gym in Manchester and I also enjoy watching sci-fi films.

What was the last book you read? (for business or pleasure)
Owners guide to a small business website by Lisa Spann.

Which is your all-time favourite film? And who would play yourself in a movie of your life?
My favourite film all time is any one of the lord of the rings trilogy and I think the best actor to play myself would be Al Pacino.

Where are your favourite places to eat out / take out?
I enjoy eating at a variety of places around Manchester such as Turtle bay, Tokapi Palace, Topps Buffet, San Carlo and EastZEast

Which is your favourite pub or bar and why?
Turtle Bay has a really unique decor that matches the exquisite alcohol free cocktails they serve.

I would strongly recommend Turtle Bay to anyone who hasn’t yet been!”

Which is your essential must visit high street independent shop?

What’s been the most impressive new business you’ve seen open in the past 12 months?
My Pad Developments.

In an ideal world which major improvement would you like to see happen in your area / town ?
I would like deans gate to become a pedestrian zone.

Finally if we want to find out more – what is your website address and social media profiles?
@Pomegranatecons – Twitter
Pomegranate Consulting – Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn

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