Are you ready for Google’s Mobilegeddon?

…It sounds pretty scary — a bit like the end of the world. The best advice is don’t panic, but certainly take stock of what it signifies — search is shifting away from desktop and onto mobile.

This is nothing new but Google are now taking steps to improve the user experience for those ‘Googling’ on their phones.

Web & Marketing agencies have been harping on about the virtues of responsive website for some time now. Responsive design is the incorporation of script which allows website text and imagery to rescale and reflow so that it is much easier to view on a small screen i.e. a mobile phone.

As of April 21st, Google will be making an algorithm change which marks down websites in mobile search results that are not responsive. Whether a website is responsive or not will only become a ranking factor for searches actually conducted on a mobile phone, so if your clients’ predominantly search on a desktop then there is more time to act.

The amount of search conducted on phones versus desktops varies widely by industry and more mobile search is undertaken in B2C markets. One thing for sure though is that the underlying trend is towards an increase in mobile search, the reason why google is nudging us all to provide a better experience for the searcher.

If your website is not currently responsive, there is no need to fret, but now is the time to start taking steps to ensure you provide a better experience for the mobile searcher, after all, Google’s changes are simply reflecting the demands of all of our customers and improving your website can only have a positive impact on your business.

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