6 Steps for keeping your PC clean, tidy and running smoothly and securely.

At Techknowledgey Ltd, we get asked a lot of questions, and by far the most asked is “How can I speed up my PC?”

There are 6 easy steps to follow to help keep your PC running quickly.

1) Delete any files, you don’t need.
All those downloads, digital pictures of the floor, odd sound clips etc. you’ve downloaded can clog your PC up over time – just delete the ones you don’t need.

2) Clear up temporary files.
Machines with cluttered and unused temporary files run more slowly than they should, and cookies and Internet history could pose a risk to your privacy online.
Use Cleaner (Free from www.piriform.co.uk/ccleaner) on your PC or Mac to automatically delete files that are no longer needed by your computer.

3) Defrag your PC.
Defragmenting is basically the process of tidying up all the files and bits of software your PC uses – it’s essentially like putting your CD collection in to alphabetical order!
All Windows computers come with a built in defrag tool, however Defraggler (Free from www.piriform.co.uk/defraggler) is a great tool, simply download and run (you might need to leave it over night!) and this will give a noticeable speed boost, especially if you’ve never defragged before.
Mac users – you don’t need to defrag as OS X takes care of that for you!

4) Use a better Browser!
Use a more modern browser such as Firefox (www.firefox.com) or Chrome (www.google.com/chrome) rather than Internet Explorer.
Firefox and Chrome are more secure by design than Internet Explorer, and webpages often load quicker in Firefox or Chrome than they do in Internet Explorer.
When you have installed a better browser, ensure you turn on the Do Not Track feature in the settings, this will help stop advertisers following you by using tracking cookies.

5) Keep your PC or laptop clean!
We see a lot of laptops that are gummed up with fluff in air vents, this will slow your machine down because the heat has nowhere to go.
Use a vacuum cleaner to hoover the air vents, then make sure you use your laptop on a flat, hard surface.
You can also buy a laptop cooling tray with a USB powered fan to help keep your machine cool – a cooler machine will last longer!

6) Do those Windows updates!
I know we all put them off, but Windows or Apple updates are there to help keep your machine safe and secure by applying up to date patches automatically.
make sure you update your computer when it asks you to!

So, there we have it, 6 simple, free tips to help keep your machine running quickly.

You should also make sure you back up files regularly; our best advice is to back up anything you would miss if your computer suddenly died!

There are plenty of useful sources of information out there, and we, Techknowledgey Ltd, are here to help you and your business with IT support.

Please contact us on 01625 348 727, dan@tltd.co.uk or tweet us on @1techknowledgey and we will do our best to help you.

We are based in Hale, and have clients across Trafford, Stockport, Cheshire and beyond.

Our clients range from estate agents to dentists, office supplies companies to schools and there is little we can’t help with, after all, we’ve got IT covered!

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