5 Simple Tips To Shoot Your Own Business Video

You’re looking to shoot your own video for your business. It can be a great idea in certain circumstances, especially for video blogging and off the cuff material, such as grabbing a testimonial from a client while you are out and about. But so often, this video is terrible, which doesn’t reflect well on your business. If you follow a few simple hints and tips, you can get yourself some much better video.

1. If using a smartphone, make sure you hold your camera in landscape, not portrait. Think about the size and ratio of a TV. It isn’t upright …

2. Obtain a small lav mic, you can get ones specifically for smartphones. This will improve the audio quality no end and audio is possibly more key than the image. People forgive lower quality image, but they’ll turn right off on low quality audio.

3. Get yourself a small tripod or Gorillapod to put your camcorder or smartphone on to stabilise it

4. Don’t stand infront of a light source! Instead, use the light source to cast light on to the person you are filming.

5. Think about where you are filming it, if you’re grabbing a quick client testimonial on the run, the office car park may not be the best place, I’m sure the person you are filming won’t mind taking a moment to find somewhere better

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll improve the quality of your video no end.

If you’re looking for something a bit more professional however, I’m sure I can help and having a quick chat won’t cost you anything. So get in touch!

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Home Made Business Videos

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