5 Simple Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Website


It is a mistake to think that simply publishing a website will lead to an increase in leads and sales, with no further effort. As well as having a well-designed, user friendly website to refer your customers to, you must also utilise all of the marketing channels that are available within your budget to drive relevant and profitable traffic to it. However, knowing which marketing activities to use isn’t a straightforward decision with so many options available. Here are 5 simple tips to get you started.
1. Claim the location of your business on Google Places

Sign up to Google Places to guarantee that your business is listed on Google Search and Maps. It’s free, and only takes five minutes to set up. It really is the easiest way to make sure that your business is seen on Google’s local listings.
2. Send targeted email campaigns to your contact lists

Use email to promote your website content. If you want to promote a free guide, explain the benefits obtained by downloading it, and exactly what the reader will gain from reading it. Link the email to a specific landing page on your website that includes a short form (name, company name, email address and telephone number) to capture visitors’ contact details in exchange for the information you have supplied, increasing lead generation as well as website traffic.
3. Share your knowledge and expertise

Become a fountain of knowledge for your target audience by addressing their questions, challenges and concerns through your content (you could use a blog, whitepaper, guide, and video or better still all of them). Keep asking yourself: How can I provide value for my prospects and customers? By helping them you will gain their trust and they will keep returning to your website for advice and support. By gaining their ‘mind share’, they are more likely to think of your company first and get in contact with you when they are ready to buy. Posting valuable, useful content to your website regularly, will also improve your positions on Google and other search engines.
4. Regular email newsletter

A well-written newsletter will increase website traffic, but it is essential that your newsletters contain valuable content. Use it to share your website content such as blog posts, upcoming events, videos, customer case studies and promotions. This will help establish your organisation as an expert in the field, and will enhance your credibility. Make sure that your newsletter contains the correct mix of content: 85% educational and 15% promotional. Research your target market; find out what is important to them, and what they want to know. Review previous newsletter statistics to identify the most popular topics and subjects. Don’t include full articles; just enough to tickle your targets’ fancy, and use links to full articles on your website.
5. Utilise News Releases

Some of the strongest link-backs are generated by news outlet websites. Always include your company name and homepage in an email pitch. This will increase the chances that your name will be hyperlinked in a reporter’s story. Use hyperlinks that link back to relevant pages of your website throughout news releases. Remember to make the most of the first 75-100 characters of the body text, using your keywords and most important information, as this is often the only part displayed in search engine results.
Never forget the importance of taking an integrated, cohesive approach to your marketing activities, and share content across all channels to generate the maximum amount of traffic and leads for your business.

Use Google Analytics to measure the increase in traffic and to identify the specific sources of the traffic and even individual keyword on search engines, so that you know where to reinvest.

Download your free guide ‘9 ways to drive profitable traffic to your website” for more ideas and practical advice.

Laura Beynon is Senior Marketing Consultant at Dot To Dot Marketing – for more info www.dot-to-dotmarketing.co.uk

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